Behind the Scenes: Thank You

March 8, 2019

University of Nottingham Futsal are grateful to the work and efforts of many people, behind the scenes, who have contributed to the growth and successes of the year so far. We wish to recognise them and show our gratitude as we enter an exciting end to the season.

The Players

Ultimately, the players are at the centre of what we do, completing their academic studies whilst developing within Futsal. We are fortunate to have a club built on players with fantastic personalities, dedication and that as a club form a genuine togetherness and positive culture.


Spectators & Supporters

To everyone that supports the club and our players, has attended one of our games or simply follow us on social media, thank you for your time, taking an interest and your investment into our programme. Your support makes a huge difference and is never taken for granted. Thank you to other University of Nottingham sports clubs that have made the efforts to support a fellow Green and Gold club.

Student Club Committee

A selection of committed and giving individuals that volunteer to work in the best interests of the players, club and University. A credit to the club attaining hands on experience; contributing to the long term sustainability and history of the club.

Kiri Madhani (CDC)

A tremendous support to the club who’s diligent work spans across a vast variety of sports at the University. We are extremely appreciative for the invaluable support the club has received over recent years and could not have asked for. Also, thank you and credit to Lyn Winkworth and Matt Nicholson for all they do.

Luke McRedmond (Coach)

A selfless and incredible servant to the club, coaching across the club during a number of years, aiding the development of many students and teams during his time at the University.

Edu Valor (Coach)

A hugely positive presence that has been a fantastic addition since joining the club coaching staff with his passion and enthusiasm adding to the students experience and progression.

Lynn Turton (BUCS Coordinator)

A special lady that gives everything to support, represent and do right not only by Futsal and the other sports at University of Nottingham but by all those she comes into contact with, including those from other universities.

Krista, Sarah and Sports Injury Clinic

We are fortunate to benefit from the expertise and valuable time of great people that work tirelessly to always accommodate and aid the welfare and development of our players. Undeniably helped manage players load and recovery that has contributed to successes throughout the season.


Front of House & Sports Facilities Staff

A fantastic and friendly team of people often overlooked that work on a daily basis to provide the best provision for players and staff at the club and allow for Futsal and other sports to benefit from a professional, organised and accommodating environment. Thank you!


A role easily criticised but not often celebrated or acknowledged with credit. We are extremely grateful to all the referees that have made themselves available to officiate across our BUCS and/or National League programme during a time where you are in demand more than ever.

Holly Roberts, Emma Spencer, TEC, Emma Hodges and SU Events Team

We are incredibly appreciative as a club for the communication and efforts made behind the scenes to ensure Varsity 2019 is an event that can not only showcase University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University but also the sport in England providing as many people as possible with a fantastic experience.

Andy Marshall & Jack Milligan (S&C)

We are fortunate that our performance squad has received specialist strength and conditioning guidance throughout the season on a weekly basis that has evidently had a positive impact on the squad and in their personal development delivered by Andy as well as invaluable and informed expertise from Jack.


Ana Mihajlovic (Club Photographer)

An extremely gifted and talented young lady that has captured special moments and memories over recent years with her incredible photos. A genuine person with an impressive gift that has helped portray the journey of the club and will no doubt go on to do great things.

Dan Smith (Youth Academy)

Our Academy is an essential part of the philosophy of the club, with a number of players progressing to the National League over recent seasons. In addition, the academy provides fantastic opportunities for our students to coach and volunteer.

Sports Office Staff

A vast team of hard working professional people that work for all sports clubs to provide and drive areas relating to participation, performance, administration, admissions, marketing, IT and more. Instrumental individuals in supporting the delivery and growth of Futsal at the University of Nottingham Futsal. Thank you!

Alex Perry, Dan Tilley, Christine Bailey, Sam Bell-Minogue and Marcus

As an institution, Futsal has been enabled to excel and make huge strides forward over recent years, enjoying its best period ever as a club facilitated and overseen by the University Sports Staff management; allowing for the programme to be progressive, forward thinking and fully supported.


Jodie Redgrave (Sports Nutritionist)

Supporting the programme with specialist nutritional advice to aid the recovery and regeneration of individual players and first team. With welfare and development of players as a priority, Jodie guidance has been hugely beneficial in match pre and post preparations.

Nottinghamshire FA

We are extremely grateful to be apart of a fantastic County FA that actively supports and drives Futsal within Nottinghamshire. We are pleased to be hosting a Futsal Level 1 Coaching qualification, engage and provide facilities for community events and work together to develop University of Nottingham Futsal and the sport in the local area.


Thank you to all involved with the club. Your support means everything to us, and we hope you will continue to support us as we aim to develop and grow in the coming seasons.