MEDIA: UoN Futsal New Media Strategy for 2017/2018 Proves To Be Huge Success

February 10, 2018

University of Nottingham Futsal is pleased to share the huge steps forward it has taken in its social media platforms since the start of the season. In the UK’s fastest growing sport, it is vital that clubs can attract and engage people to English Futsal clubs through the manner in which they share and represent English Futsal via the various media outlets.

University of Nottingham Futsal implemented a new media strategy at the start of the 2017/2018 season and have since observed a rapid increase in engagement from within the United Kingdom and around the world for our official social media channels and in particular the club website.

The new style of media across the board at University of Nottingham Futsal has been hugely successful which is highlighted by the ongoing website statistics over the recent months.

Since the creation of our website to February 2017, received an average of 708 unique visitors per month. Following the implementation of the brand new media strategy, the website has reached a new high for most unique visitors of 13,809 and 146,711 hits from October 2017. Last month alone saw 78,949 UoN Futsal website pages opened and 126,932 hits across a widening audience including a significant following from countries such as the USA, Ukraine, China, Germany, Italy, Poland and Indonesia in addition to the UK and many more. 

“We are extremely pleased to see the activity and the following for University of Nottingham Futsal increase since the start of the season; it is great for the club and for the sport in England. We introduced the new media strategy at the start of the season which has been led by Sam Roper; he has done a tremendous job along with the contribution of other talented individuals such as club photographer, Ana Mihajlovic and many more to present and share our club in such a fantastic way”. Head of Performance Futsal, Marc Forrest.