March 22, 2018

University of Nottingham Futsal National League top scorer and club talisman, Pav Tomczak, took some time to share and discuss his thoughts on the 2017/2018 season so far. 

Congratulations on your first season with University of Nottingham Futsal. How are you enjoying life at the club? 


“Life here is great. Commitment to futsal from everyone at the club makes it a really positive experience and I’m sure every single player feels that way. UoN has a very professional approach in all aspects, both on and off the court, which gives all players opportunity to perform at their best. There is a great atmosphere surrounding the whole club and I love it here.”


What are spirits like in the first team, throughout the club and why do you think there seems to be a real excitement surrounding University of Nottingham Futsal this season?


“We’re very strong as a team and unity across the whole club is amazing. I think people that follow futsal can see what a great project is happening at UoN this season and everyone is excited to see what the future brings. As for the players, we’re all happy and proud to be a part of this project and we want to do our best to help the club as far as we can. It’s the best team I’ve been involved with.”


In December you suffered an MCL injury that ruled you out for a number of games. How has your recovery been and are you back fully fit? 


“Yes, it was a very frustrating time for me as we were coming up to a crucial run of fixtures, like the double encounter with Kettering, that I had to miss. Support from the coaching team was great though – physiotherapy was provided by the Sports Injury Clinic and engagement while I was off the court was spot on. I am now back to full fitness, ready for the remaining games this season.”


University of Nottingham Futsal can earn promotion to the FA National Super League if they win their remaining three fixtures starting with Durham Futsal Club. What are your thoughts going into the important latter stages of the season?


“I think we’re well prepared and I’m certain we will give our 100% in all three remaining fixtures. The math is simple – 3 wins will secure our promotion and that’s what we’re aiming for. No doubt all the games will be very difficult, especially against Durham, but we’re looking forward to it – that’s what it’s all about.”